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Our Management Services are different from other companies in that we charge a flat rate with included services.  As you research companies you will find that most charge a monthly fee plus other tedious expenses.  The fees quoted are to only be used as a guide and they may be raised or lowered depending on the amount of work required.  They are subject to change at any time.  With each new account we charge a one-time set-up fee of $100.00.  If you have a unique property of over 200 units, please let us meet you in person to arrange a special fee.

Our monthly fees include the following services:   

24 hour emergency service

Separate bank account

Bank printing & service charges

Billing slips

Billing postage

 Return envelopes

 Normal Xeroxing

  Normal office supplies

 Computer supplies

 Fireproof  file storage ( 1 + current year )

 One Board meeting & annual meeting

Our monthly fees 

1-30  units - $15.00 per unit, $300.00 minimum
31-50 units - $450.00 plus $10.00 per unit over 30 units
51-100 units - $650.00 plus  $9.00 per unit over 50  units
100  +  units - $1100.00 plus $8.00 per unit over 100 units

Other services we provide at an additional cost:

        Transfer fee (charged to either buyer or seller)   $100.00

         Certificate fee (charged to either buyer or seller)  $50.00

         Rush fee for transfer/certificate $20.00 - $50.00

         Lien recording fee (charged to defaulter)         $200.00

         Lien sale fee (charged to defaulter)   $250.00

         Collection letter  $25.00 + postage

    Special mailings $5.00 - $10.00 per page typed, .75 per unit,.10 per Xerox copy, & actual postage costs.

Optional Services: 

Yearly financial statements (not audited)  $75.00

Yearly budget (minus reserve study)  $125.00

Yearly State s/o 100 form  $25.00

 Yearly 1099, 1096 forms  $10.00 each.

 Yearly 1120, 1120H, 100, 199 forms $200.00 (cash or accrual)




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